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    Used in conjuction with the "Facebook Application ID" setting on the Advanced tab of the Theme Manager. By default the merge will use AmeriCommerce online stores appId which means you will not be able to moderate your own comments. We strongly encourage you to enter your own appId so that you will have control over your Facebook comments. The appId is also appended to the Facebook Javascript includes and will be used anywhere that it is needed once it is set. Documentation about the comments box and the options it supports are located here: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/comments The xid for the Facebook comments tag is a unique identifier that it uses to store the comments for a given page or item. If you wanted the comments to be shared across a category you could provide the category ID. If you wanted them for a particular product you could use a product id or an item number. Note: The default value for a URL is not a valid xid value, if you plan to use a URL, it has to be encoded. An example of a good xid value might be something like this (using nested merges): We support all of the same options. To put width=�325� in the fb:comments tag, then use To use additional options, i.e. numposts=�2� width=�425� then use